Beverage Manufacturing Services

We co-pack for some of the largest beverage companies in the world.

Why Partner With A Contract Beverage Manufacturer?

Whether you are researching manufacturing options and/or working with someone already and not getting the anticipated results, we are ready to talk with you and discuss how we can provide the best solutions for your beverages’ development.

Do You Find?

✅ Your beverage demand has exceeded your facilities capacity and you do not wish to commit additional in-house equipment, resources and staff for a particular project.

✅ Your beverage requires manufacturing processes and/or expertise that exceeds your existing capabilities.

✅ You require supplemental manufacturing and packaging due to pressures of increased distribution.

✅ You require geographically separated facilities to improve product distribution and freight costs.

✅ You have a new product for release or product line extension without the in-house capacity.

✅ Your product requires pasteurization and you need access to the right equipment and an experienced staff to handle the workload.

✅ You have a specialty product that causes your team considerable issues and manufacturing angst.

Bottle Labeler - PET Beverage Labeling Equipment

Regardless of your reasons,

Pri-Pak is the contract beverage manufacturing partner that you can count on to take your business to the next level.

Alcohol and Non-Alcohol Beverage Manufacturing

We are a contract beverage manufacturer with the resources you need to create finished products ready for shipment. We coordinate with your suppliers to ensure that all required packaging and raw materials are on-site, prior to scheduled production. We turn orders around quickly, efficiently and under the strictest quality control and quality assurance standards in the alcohol and non-alcohol beverage co-packing industry.

We bottle and can products quickly and reliably for both alcohol and non-alcohol products. Our lines are configured to handle a wide range of applications including nitrogen, CO2, cold-fill and pasteurization, etc.

Beverage Manufacturing Machines
Collage Manufacturing Can-Bottle
Cans and Bottles

Beverage Manufacturing Capabilities

A Line – Cans

B Line – Bottles

C Line – Cans

D Line – Liquor

E Line – Manual

F Line – BIB

200ml (24pk)  12 oz. Glass 24 oz. Cap Can (12 pk) 750ml Glass Various sizes Glass 1.75L
250ml/8.4 oz. (24 pk) 12 oz. Alum. Bottle 12 oz. Alum. Bottle 1 Liter Glass 750ml 1.3 gal.
10.5 oz. (12/24 pk) 16 oz. Glass  200ml 4-pks/24 pk 1.75 ml PET Decanters 3.0 gal.
12oz. Sleek (12/24 pk) 16.9 oz. Alum. Bottle  12oz.Standard Multi-pks/24 pk 5.0 gal.
12oz. Standard (12/24 pk) 16 oz Alum. Bottle  12oz. Sleek Multi-pks/12 pk
16oz. Standard (12/24 pk)  16 oz. Multi-pks/24 pk
24oz. Flat Top (24pk)

✅ Multi-pack Cans: 4, 6, 8, and 12 packs. (200ml, 8.4oz., 10.5 oz., 12oz. Sleek, 12oz. Standard, 16 oz.)
✅ Multi-pack Bottles: 6x4 pack, 4x6 pack carriers, 12 pack 12 oz.
✅ Case Over-wrap on A and C line.
✅ High speed in-line inspection/rejection units on A, B and C lines.
✅ Full product and case coding: All lines.
✅ Tunnel pasteurization on A and B line. Warmers on A, B, and C lines.
✅ Closures: 28mm and 38mm ROPP, 24mm, 28mm and 38mm Plastic, twist crowns and crimp crowns.
✅ PSL label on B line (front, back and neck) and D line (front, back, neck and cap sleeve).
✅ Cut and Stack, cold glue labeling on D line (front, back, neck and shoulder).
✅ Carbonation on A, B, and C lines. Nitrogen Injection on A line, only.
✅ Alcohol licensing (Wine, Malt Based and Spirits).
✅ High and low shear batching.
✅ Cold Filtration processing.
✅ Bulk liquid and liquor receiving and storage.
✅ Large finished goods warehouse.

  • * Minimum Run Requirement:                   5,000 (24 count) cases per flavor or 10,000 (12 count) 12 pack cases.

    * Annual Minimum Requirement:              150,000+ (24 count) cases.

    * Alcohol Minimum Run Requirements:    Based on Project

We have your answer for Simple Syrups, Mixers, Hard Spirits, Wine and Oil products…

750ml glass or 1.75 Liter PET:

✅ Front, back and neck labels (PSL or Cut & Stack) including celebands
✅ ROPP, twist off, screw cap or plastic closures
✅ Velcorin available

Velcorin® Dosing Technology

Velcorin® Dosing Technology

We partner with Lanxess and have the capability of providing Velcorin technology for clients interested in cold sterilization vs. pasteurization:

“Cold sterilization with Velcorin®: The microbial control agent controls a wide range of spoilage micro-organisms and offers an effective solution for the cold sterilization of beverages.”

VELCORIN® Technology Benefits:

✅ Maintains microbiological stability without compromising beverage quality

✅ No effect on taste

✅ Breaks down into natural constituents

✅ Cost-effective

✅ Compatible with all packaging formats

✅ Halal & Kosher certified, including OU certification (USA)

Processing & Quality Control

The very latest industry tools and technologies enhance Pri-Pak’s beverage processing and quality control procedures. Our software ensures processing accuracy and efficiency by storing and tracking formulas, customer specifications, raw material, ingredients, product components and batch requirements. Our facility houses a considerable number of high-volume storage tanks for ingredient mixing and batch holding.

On-site laboratories enhance quality compliance, related to line and batch characteristics, packaging metrics and distillation (proof) accuracy. Our double-decker tunnel pasteurization unit monitors and measures heat transfer every hour. Product Quality is greatly enhanced by Pri-Pak’s reverse osmosis water treatment system and CIP (Clean in place) programs.  We are in a unique position to ensure the thoroughness of our water treatment process and the purity of finished product. Each and every batch is put through multiple quality tests to ensure all product qualities meet customer specifications.

Processing and quality control procedures

Quality & Safety Assurance

✅ American Institute of Baking Good Manufacturing Practices Audit Certification.

✅ Food Safety System Certification 22000, ISO 22000, ISO/TS22002-2005

✅ Organic Certification by Quality Assurance International

✅ Kosher Certification by Orthodox Union

Alcohol Beverage Manufacturing – Regulatory

Alcohol Beverage Manufacturing – Regulatory

Pri-Pak takes care of alcohol-related legal compliance to allow clients more time to focus on product development, marketing and distribution plans. From filing a Notice of Registration to obtaining formula, label and other approvals, our regulatory department ensures compliance with all government requirements. Pri-Pak clients are confident in the company’s high level of legal and regulatory expertise.

Pri-Pak is qualified to handle all permit registrations and approvals for alcohol beverage manufacturing:

✅ DSP – Distilled Spirits Plant

✅ BWC – Bonded Wine Cellar


Pri-Pak’s shipping and receiving departments keep your products moving in and out of our facility quickly and efficiently. We load and ship 25 to 30 trucks daily for U.S. and international destinations.

We are centrally located for quick Midwest and East Coast shipments. West coast transit shipments are completed within 72 hours. You can rest assured your product is in good hands when being shipped by Pri-Pak.  Beverage Contract Manufacturing Services are made easy by Pri-Pak!

Beverage Shipping


Our receiving department ensures complete coding and traceability of all ingredients and product components. We verify that received materials meet customer specifications, assign bar codes to every case and video-jet codes for every container – to achieve maximum quality and accuracy, on behalf of our clients.

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